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Who inspires you in your field?

Hello world - thanks for taking a few minutes out to read my blog, hope life is treating you well right now. 

I wanted to share a few photographers whose work is always truly inspiring to me. 
Like most people, I am always striving to improve and learn new skills and techniques, and these two individuals in particular I follow closely as they provide such inspiring, stunning work and helpful tips to others. 

I am hoping one day to be in a position to tour the world like they do, capturing the beauty our planet has to offer. 

First up is Richard Bernabe, an American based nature photographer whose work is truly some of the most stunning images I have ever seen - as you can see for yourself from his website gallery!/index/G0000HQQuj7Gnlr0
Can't tell me you are not blown away by these pictures - the colours, the detail. Just mind blowing - and this has to be my favourite, the top of my bucket list no question

Then there is Andy Rouse - a wildlife photographer from good old England. His shots are real works of art, just totally simplistic and gorgeous in their tone

I have shared a couple of my images on here too, cannot wait for summer to see what I can capture this year.

Who inspires you in your field? It would be great to hear from you about where you draw motivation and inspiration from to improve you, your business. 
Please do share in the comments :-)