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Little bit of a wake up call...

Evening folks

So there I was - on a winters Friday night - unable to check in on my Facebook account and therefore my crucial business page. 

Apparently - I had been deemed to have multiple accounts and had to submit my photo I.D to verify the account I have been using for the past 3 years. Any other attempts to login just got the screen below so I sent off my Driving Licence details as requested.

Amazingly - after just 2 hours the process has been resolved. This is a far cry from the 2 days to 4 months I had been reading on this exact issue on the facebook forums, so I think I have had a real let off here. 

However, despite being back up my real anger here is how tragic it has become where a small business like mine are totally inconvenienced and impacted by Facebook's over zealous approach to dealing with such matters - although I am one of the lucky ones, there are no doubt countless people who have suffered the total loss of their business pages, their hard work, years of effort. 

The obvious approach here would be for Facebook to give users 72 hours to provide the I.D from the user OR the account will be locked out, NOT to just lock the account out then make people wait until they pass the tests. 

I get Facebook is one of the largest businesses on the planet and I am "just a photographer" in Coventry - but Facebook seem to forget that it is "just us little people" who make up their entire business. Without all of us "little people" there would simply be no Facebook.

So I invite someone at Facebook to read this, and realise the impact of their over zealous approach to dealing with issues on the little people of the world who have businesses to run, families to feed, Xmas to take care of - and hopefully review their approach so others don't carry on facing such issues.

Out of all of this - there is one one piece of advice I have.
If you are able to make sure that you have another trusted person as Admin on your facebook page, because that way you would at least be able to log back in with a new account and be added back to your original page as an Admin.
It should go without saying, but I will say it anyway - making another person Admin means they can lock you out the page so whatever you do make sure you trust that person entirely.   

I just hope and pray that Facebook never get big enough to take over our legal systems because we would all be in a dire situation then - after all, whatever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"

Please do share this as much as possible please...the more that see it the better. 

Thanks for reading folks


Neil PorterComment