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Improve your photos in 1 easy step...

Hello everyone - hope life is treating you well. 

I have been meaning to blog on this for ages, after all this blog from Spaghetti Agency did something similar to this about recording videos a while ago that really resonated with me. 

So I have to say I feel the same way about photos.
Too many people still take pictures with their phones vertical, in portrait style and they are losing so much from their photo. 
Cutting people out, missing more background and detail.
Just remember - people actually "see" the world in landscape - NOT portrait - so why take photos in a manner that is not how people see things? 
Just take a look at some of my images and what they would have looked like if I had gone portrait style! How much is lost. 

I will concede that "portrait" mode on a phone will suffice if you are just after a selfie or a headshot of one person (i.e an actual portrait) but I promise you if you turn your phone landscape you will start getting better images. 

Just so you know - EVEN when I shoot business or family portraits, I never turn my camera portrait style - it gives me so much less of an image to work with it really is a pet hate of mine. I truly detest it. 

Try it. Let me know how you get on...and while I am here I am going to reiterate the video thing - don't EVER record a video portrait it looks absolutely awful on social media. Just don't do it. Not ever. 

Thanks for reading folks