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Share your favourite PHOTO location in Coventry & Warwickshire

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog

I  spent some time last night thinking of some new places to capture and turn into another piece of Wall Art. 

After a lot of searching it dawned on me that I had done all of the "obvious" places and even captured some of the not so obvious. 

Share your favourite location in Coventry & Warwickshire

While Google is a wonderful tool - it still cannot beat the local knowledge of my friends - so here I am typing this blog, asking for just a little bit of help from each of you. 

Can I ask what is your favourite spot across Coventry & Warwickshire? 
What is that one place you would love to have captured and in a print on your wall? 
Where would it be - and more importantly, when would it be. 
Sunrise? Sunset? Snowing? Raining? 

I am really look forward to seeing what people say, I am certain there are loads of places around the area I have never even heard of. 

Please get commenting, and please share the post too - the more the merrier. 

Thanks everyone have an awesome day :-)