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5 easy steps to ensure you aren't losing clients because of your profile headshot.

  1. No selfies.
    Please. Please. Please.
    We ALL know at least one other person, the least you can do is get them to take it. 

  2. Professional
    Keep it professional looking. Photos of you with your child/dog/beer/ etc are simply not suitable for your professional business image. Stop it! 

  3. Relevant
    Ideally just you and a clean, uncluttered plain background, but as an example if you are a kayak salesman by all means have a kayak or a lake background. 

  4. Recent
    The photo must be what YOU look like now. Don't keep using that picture from the 90s because you were rocking the Madonna or Vanilla Ice look.
    People need to see you, as you are now.

  5. Well Lit
    A nice well lit room, natural light where at all possible and avoid flash it can often ruin images on smartphones or compact cameras. 

If you follow the easy steps above your profile picture will look a 100 times better.
If you still want a professional photo just get in touch and I will see how I can help you. 

Thanks for reading, please feel free to share this article with anyone you think needs some help. 

Neil Porter
NCP Photography