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The importance of a first impression

We have all heard of this line and the follow up lines that go with it:
"Only get one chance to make it…."
"Never get a second chance at one…"

We strive to conduct ourselves in a way that leaves a great first impression with everyone we meet, either in person, on the telephone.
However, that same importance of making a great first impression extends to your marke
ting, your website, online presence, social media. All of these areas a prospective client will come across your business for the first time and make a judgement on whether you are the business they wish to deal with, all without having even spoken to us! 

Do you have modern, relevant and unique images that reflect YOUR business - not some stock image that could well have been seen before or used by a competitor?
Are you staff images professional or are they
just a 'selfie' in the pub?! 
Are you using the same profile headshot across all social media platforms? 

In this visual age you often have as little as 30 seconds before someone decides if they will use you and if you a
re not conveying your brand with the highest quality & professionalism across all areas, you are going to be losing customers.

If you would like to discuss any of these points please get in to
uch - I would be delighted to hear from you
Thank you for reading

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