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I wanted to talk about Periscope today - its a fairly new thing that is completely sky rocketing. 

I dabbled with a few scopes to start with then was struggling to get some content before being helped out by Mark Sephton who delivers outstanding scopes, (and I am very proud to be part of his amazing mastermind group) and now have something to focus on.

So my first scope went quite well - I had a few of my local network tune in which was great to see - but I also found the experience extremely strange. 
The worst part for me was the beginning, as I was very conscious of not getting into the message I wanted to convey but also not taking too long before I did and having people leave.  I am also painfully aware of a few moments of silence after seeing the replay. 

However, it was a great learning experience, and I look forward to doing parts 2 and 3 of the scope...I may even be tempted to stretch the maxims out doing just 1 maxim per week to make them last a further 6 weeks at least. Part of my reasoning behind this is to keep the scopes down to under 10 minutes, ideally 5-6. I really want short scopes to retain interest. 

One thing I have learned is that some careers lend themselves far more to this medium than others - mentors, coaches, nutrition to name a few - all able to deliver enough content to scope daily or close to it. 

However, what little I have gleaned from the advice of others and watching some great scopers is the following: 

Title - short & intriguing
This will attract people in, but if it is too long people will not be able to share your scope on twitter. 
Make sure you have some general content for the intro where people join in of 2-3 minutes. Welcoming people, asking about their day, where they are. 
The more you have higher you will appear in the ratings, so if you want to attract a reach beyond your own community on twitter then you need to do something to encourage people to give them.  Great content is one way, encouraging a competition is another such as most hearts wins something (if you have something you can give away of value of course) 
Sharing & Followers
Ask your viewers to share via the man in their networks to reach more people. Make sure you ask people to follow you so they don't miss your scopes. 
Give help/advice  |     Provide Humour     |   Provide something of Value
It is key here to remember you are on one of the fastest growing medium on the planet right now - it is like your very own TV Channel. 
So I don't believe you should be scoping for the sake of scoping. No one wants to see what your dinner is unless you are offering cooking tips. 
Summarise at the end of the scope for those who joined later on. 

The final thing I would say is it really is not essential. If you aren't scoping because you don't feel it is right for you then that is fine. Keep blogging, being active on twitter or Facebook (meerkat is FB equivalent) or whatever you are doing right now that works. 
If I don't see value in it after 10 weeks or so I will not carry on scoping - just following others. The worst thing to do would be scope poor content and switch people off from you.