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Weaknesses...and overcoming them

Two weeks ago - I tried to lift a weight in the gym that I not only couldn't move, but also gave me a twinge in my lower back. Session ended, went home to rest up.
What this block taught me was that I had a few real prominent weaknesses. 
I then spoke to a competitive strongman friend, who helped me with what I need to do to overcome those weaknesses. 
2 weeks of intense training with those additional movements added in, and yesterday I lifted that same weight I couldn't move once for 3 sets of 5 reps - and it felt easy too! 

The point to my ramblings this week is that we all constantly face challenges and obstacles from time to time - whether this is a personal or business one - and what you should do when you face them is address them directly - find out how to either overcome them or get around them - and do it. 

This can be worked out by yourself, through research or ideally by tapping into knowledge from a friend of associate in your network who has already been there - done that, after all no need to reinvent the wheel every time is there!