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Networking Hours...and a guest host spot for me

Felt very privileged to get a message last week from Jo who runs #covhour asking if I would be a guest host for the hour on Thursday 23 July - needless to say I jumped at the chance.... 
Feels a bit daunting given how busy it is just following the hour, never mind managing it and making sure everyone gets retweeted and interaction. However, I am confident that once Jo and I sit down and she shows me how it all works I can deal with the challenge. 

This then led me to think about what we all get from the hours, how many there are, and how best to use them. 
Contrary to what was originally stated when they first started out - which is just RT everything you see - I would say leave that to the hour itself in my humble opinion! 
I always felt from the beginning this wasn't the best approach - and it was confirmed when several accounts were RT well over 50 tweets in an hour - so all that resulted in was a feed full of duplicate RTs and no useful content or interaction.
Far better to become involved with a far more natural, conversational flow where people are engaging with each other...and it does seem that these hours have naturally grown into this sort of environment. Along with being so much busier making it harder to engage with everyone involved. 
Pick between 3 & 5 topics or conversations that leap out to you as the hour develops - and get involved. Chat, have some banter, keep it lighthearted. RT if you really feel something should be shared for your followers. 

There you have it - my take on it all
Interact >> Conversation >> Helpful tips or advice >> RT if relevant or interesting for you >> 

This leads to genuine respect, support & recommendations from the tweeps you interact with - but as I have also said before - it is essential that you follow up online interaction with going to any networking or tweetup events.
Nothing tops speaking to people in real life for building strong, trusted relationships. 

Have a great week - I look forward to being the other side of the fence on covhour on the 23rd - smoke will be flying off the keyboard even more than normal

Thanks for reading.

Below is a tracker for all the local hours - hope you find it useful :-)