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Tweets by another name

I have continued my involvement with the Fun Run, with a PR Photoshoot for the Voluntary Action Centre and another shoot at University Hospital lined up soon. It is great to get to meet all the people who have been involved with giving their time for the cause and doing what I can to help. 

Coventry Three Spires RT are also going to be at the Godiva Festival in a bid to get more people involved - my time slot will be 12-1 pm on Saturday 4th July so please do come down if you need a form to signup.  

As we discussed what needed doing, it transpires that Twitter for the Fun Run had not been setup, so I have setup the @CovFunRun15 twitter feed to raise awareness and drive involvement and the followers are ramping up rapidly having hit 81 in just under 1 week and hope it will continue to drive interest and involvement. 

Have a great week everyone, I hope its a productive one and thanks again for reading.

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