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Inside Job Mastermind Group

Was very happy to be selected to be part of this incredibly exciting group led by Mark Sephton - international mentor to entrepreneurs and author of the Inside Job book.   

The first meeting was on Thursday 4th and despite being late due to going to the old location (the old address for the restaurant was still showing on the google search page!) that was soon forgotten, and I wasn't the only one to be late as well. 

Those in the group are (from left to right  round the table)
Ann Marie Anderson - recruitment expert
Mark Sephton - Mentor
Jo Prosser - Startup mentor & multi business owner
Louise Campton - Entrepeneur & education sector expert 
Lucy Halligan - Massage & Wellbeing specialist
Jason Robinson - Street workout coach & gym owner

We all had some excellent food (at the Aqua lebanese restaurant) and some light chat to break the ice, I had met some of the people before but not all so it was a great way to get conversation flowing. 

My first lesson was that my tastebuds are lacking, I just couldn't pickup what the flavour was of the sauce with the meal, but both Lucy and Mark picked up peanut flavour immediately - needless to say I won't be going on Masterchef taste challenge anytime soon. 

Once we got down to the point of the meeting it was incredibly motivating to get the input and thoughts from a diverse and talented group of people on what each of us are working on, our own challenges and what we are hoping to achieve.
I am really excited to be working on the tasks we are set and how we this is going to help all of us grow and develop, both personally and professionally.

Bring on the July session 

Thanks for reading 

Neil Porter
IT Consultant - yes thats right, a little known thing about me in these circles keep your eye out for future blogs on that topic 

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