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An amazing local network of people

Hopefully most of you who read this will know already - but there is an amazing community across Warwickshire & the West Midlands of sole traders, entrepreneurs and small businesses.
This community is predominantly within the various local networking hours on Twitter ran selflessly by local people all just giving their time back to grow and promote it further.  
I would also highly recommend if you are on Google+, joining with the superb UK Connect community 
What really helps cement this network is the Tweet Ups, networking events & expos that allow great relationships to be built beyond the online interaction.

What is so great is that this ever growing network of people are always looking out for each other, helping out when needed, referring people when required and even just having some great banter. 

I want to say to all of those people that I am genuinely grateful and humbled by the help,  encouragement and support given to me as I, like all of you, am on an exciting journey of business and personal development. 
You have inspired me to do the same for other people - to help where I can and to do what I can to give the same positive treatment and encouragement to others. 

I am genuinely proud to be part of such an amazing local community and look forward to being part of it for years to come.