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I have been to many networking events over the years - ranging from very good to very bad. 

Went to one this week ran by Jo Prosser, a business coach, which I thought in terms of being relaxed and having a room full of people willing to speak to each other, was one of the best I had been to. There was also a great speaker, Mark Sephton, who gave a great talk which got people engaged further.

The one thing that I will take away from the event, and will try and incorporate into future events wherever possible, is to take some of my images on Canvas Prints to display. They proved a real talking point - allowing me to engage with so many people who were interested in the images and the story behind them and subsequently further conversation on what sort of photography work I do. Even one image which someone thought may have been America or the far east was actually from Leicestershire. 

What I would like to share from this is that if you are in a business that can benefit from visual impact and it is practical to do so, please do take along your products because it makes a real difference.  

Thanks for reading and hope to see you at a networking event real soon 

All the best