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First ever Craft Fair

I finally got round to doing my first craft fair on 23 May, a Whitsun Market event held at Hatton Country World in Warwickshire. 

The booking process was easy, deciding which of the 100s of images I have to get printed onto canvas not so much. Difficult to put aside personal preferences and emotional connections to places and images - and try to think what would appeal to buyers. 

Having used facebook to gauge what people look for in such items - the overwhelming response in my limited market sample was colour first, subject matter second. Prints were ordered, 30 in total and I then packed the car up as well as the essential food on Saturday morning and was setup within 20 minutes. 

The day itself was great - I spoke to loads of people and had a very friendly and helpful lady on the stall next to me who had done countless fairs with her business. Several people took my business card so there may be work on its way from that.
On the canvas side nothing sold, so my prints were not right for this market but it was a great experience and also made me realise I was lacking some basic items in preparation such as tablecloths, tape, string, scissors and stands. 

Most important tip I got from the aforementioned lady (Shona from btw) is to have something in the "pocket money" price range of £8-£10. So I know now that my next craft fair will also have some greetings cards, tote bags, jigsaws etc as well as the prints at £50 which should at least get some sales moving. 

Very glad I did it, glad I was put next to someone who was so helpful, and glad I took no money with me otherwise I would have made even more of a loss buying from the other exhibitors.

Hope to see you at the next fair - keep your eyes posted for when & where that may be, and in the meantime if you are looking for any wall art please do get in touch.

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Craft Stall at Hatton Country World