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Headshots....has been great to see an uptake in them...

Following on from my previous blog post which is here  I thought I would write a follow up because that post has been a resounding so many people have got in touch with me to get their headshots done. 

It really is true that if you want to convey yourself professionally - getting a professional to take your photograph is the best way forward. That image can be very formal, informal, casual - whatever it is that suits your personality or brand of the business - but as long as it is done professionally it really does work. 

Check your headshot - are you still using that selfie, or picture of you from 1995 with THAT haircut? It really is time to get it done properly.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch already to take up the service. 
For affordable, professional headshot photography for you, along with  your team if you have one...

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