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What a photographer does on their day off...

Thanks for clicking on my latest blog post hope this finds you having a great day.

Well I found myself with no appointments yesterday, a first in about 8 weeks. So I decided to treat myself to a day off, as had worked solidly for so long. 
What did I do with my day off I hear you ask?
Luxury Spa day?
Round of Golf?
Latest blockbuster at the Cinema? 

Oh no - I picked up my camera and went to one of my favourite places - Stratford Butterfly Farm. 

Madness I hear you shout? Call that a day off?! and that is the point of this that I am grateful every day that I have a "job" that is my passion, my hobby....something I truly love to do because every day I pickup my camera it never feels like "work" - you know that feeling I am talking of, dreading every Monday...long days, Mundane tasks every day. 

This hasn't come easily - it required a huge amount of hard work, determination as well as Trial and error as to what works and what doesn't and even fear when things weren't going so well - but its proven worth it in the end. 

As I have also said before its great being part of such an amazing local network of people, so supportive and encouraging. 

My only regret - is that I wish I could give my younger self the advice to follow your passion and then I could have have experienced this for far longer than I have.

Thanks for reading  and if you need any commercial photography, headshots, events  etc well you know where I am

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